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Ouch! That hurts!


Having grown up with 2 brothers, I had the privilege of playing cricket and badminton during my childhood with my neighborhood friends. Sometimes the ball or the shuttlecock would get stuck in some thick bushes. We would usually end up with scratches all over, when trying to retrieve the ball because of the thorns in the bush. Tiny thorns would get stuck in our fingers and cause a lot of pain. Even after removing the thorn, the pain would still remain for days.  It’s strange how a small thorn can cause so much pain!


At times, Words are like thorns- one word or statement is enough to cause pain or even leave a permanent scar in their hearts. A thorn is known to be a weed which interferes with the use and management of desirable plants by contaminating harvests. No matter how good the soil or the seed is, if we sow the seed among thorns then it’s more likely to Continue reading Ouch! That hurts!