As a Mother Comforts Her Child…

As a home maker, I sometimes struggle to hit the balance between looking after our home and our 1 year old son Nathan. Usually my house work gets done when he is asleep, so I can finish everything without interruption. Even in the midst of this, I would often run to his room to check on him, his sleeping position, rhythm of breathing etc. and  also if he is about to wake up. In case he wakes up and finds no one around, he starts crying and I run to him hearing his cry to comfort him. I would rather prefer staying next to him when he wakes up smilingly than to see him cry.

It was during one such time that God reminded me of one verse from the Bible –Isaiah 66:13(NIV)


‘As a mother comforts her child, so will I comfort you’.


Wow!!! It made me realize if I were to watch over my son with so much concern, how much more our heavenly Father watches over us every moment! Many a times we take our Creator and His wonderful promises for granted. We know that Jesus said, ‘Do not worry about tomorrow ‘, but how many times have we really put His words into practice? We know that God feeds the birds, He waters the lilies of the field though they neither toil, nor sow or reap. But God is concerned about us above and beyond the birds or lilies since He made us in His own image and likeness. But rarely do we really trust God and put this thought into practice.


We often ignore the fact that Jesus is so real and He is with us all the time. He controls every tiny detail of our lives. He is concerned about what we eat, drink, wear, think etc. Little do we realize that when He promised ‘As a mother comforts her child so I will comfort of you’, He really means it! In fact, in Isaiah 49:15(NIV), we read that


“Can a mother forget the baby at her breast  and have no compassion on the child she has borne?
Though she may forget, I will not forget you! “ 

Such is His love for us… Isn’t it wonderful to have a loving Father with us all the time? Let us acknowledge His love and goodness in our lives every day!


God is in the shadows, in the valley here below,

He sees one tiny flower as its beauty softly glows,

He never fails one time, each tiny details He controls,

Yes, God is in the shadows, He is everywhere I go…

Support Reading: Psalm 91

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About Phebe Sara Stephen

Stephen and Phebe are blessed with a handsome little prince Nathan. They as a couple, having experienced the love of God beyond measure, in their life, are now on a journey to share what God,in His mercy, has been teaching them through Wellspring of Life Blog.

  • blessy p j

    Blessing words…. Which truly makes me know that i need not to worry abt moro :)…..

  • Charlie

    God bless you Phebe:) Beautiful illustration of God’s care through your motherly love…

  • Gloria

    Thanks a lot for reminding that beautiful promise once again chechi! God bless you

  • yes Blessy, all we have to do is to trust Him with all our heart! Because He lives, I can face tomorrow!

  • Thank you Gloria. God bless you too…

  • Jestin Mathew

    Really nice….and meaningful thoughts..I also believe that the message was for me…..great work…keep up chechi….God bless u and your family.

  • siddesh

    Excellent …. Elegant touch….. excellent work dear…….

  • Praise God! God bless you Jestin 🙂

  • very nice blog….love reading it. Keep writing….

  • Thank u Anand 🙂

  • betty

    Very helpful 2 knw how much our Lord cares us… touching n interstng 1… God bls ur ministry chechi…

  • Thank you Betty… Need ur prayers..

  • Lovely!!! some times in this word it is very difficult to make ppl understand who is god and what is he to us. In that case taking a well known and close example like mother is the best way to portrait the God’s nature. Inhere you have handled it well and it has come out so well because you have just shared what you are experiencing daily with Nathan(how is he?). A brilliant attempt !!!

    Thank you.

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