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The Path to Promise


How do we react when we receive certain prophecies from God, that would change our life positively? We often react with joy and welcome such promises with a ‘Yes and Amen’!

One would think the path to such promises would be quite short and easy. However, I’ve learned recently that God likes to test our submission to His will before He fulfills His plans for us.

Everybody knows Mary as the mother of Jesus but not many remember her as the little girl (probably in her teens), gleaming with excitement and dreaming of her life with her future husband Joseph. It was at this point, Continue reading The Path to Promise

What do you HAVE?


I learned a valuable lesson from the Bible story of a widow that we read about in 2 Kings 4:1-7.


The story is about a woman whose husband died and dramatically her life changed. Subsequently, the widow fell into debt and the creditors were ruthless and demanded her sons as assets or collateral. She became desperate and cries to Elisha, an anointed prophet of God, for help.Elisha asks her what she had of value to sell. She said she had nothing except a jar of oil. The prophet then asked her to Continue reading What do you HAVE?