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Unless You Become Like a Child!


If given a chance, most of us would love to go back to our childhood days.  No worries in life! We always had someone to look after every need. We could cry and get almost anything done for us. But one of the key things would be the absence of extra weight such as ‘Unforgiveness’ that we adults carry around.

On most nights, as I put my son Nathan to bed, I ask him few questions and specially the days Continue reading Unless You Become Like a Child!

Hold on…. It’s coming!

Some of the biggest lessons of life are learnt from the most unexpected places and people. Nathan (my 1 and half year old son) taught me yet another lesson which I would like to share with you.

Have you ever prayed for something for a long time, but nothing seems to happen or change. Aren’t there prayers you whispered to yourself, thinking ‘God is not hearing this…what’s the point?’.’ Things just don’t seem to work the way you planned…doesn’t God know that I need this and it’s going to make my life easier?’

I have had such trialing times too, but here’s the good news Continue reading Hold on…. It’s coming!

Becoming Friends with God

Man was created to have fellowship with God and also with men

Aren’t there times when we simply miss talking to our friends? Sometimes, we hurry to call and tell them the silliest of happenings in our life. We talk, share thoughts, exchange opinions, gossip etc.
There are also other types of “friends” who approach us only when they are in need. They expect something … materialistic gifts, favors and more. Would we like to be one of them or even have such kind of friends?
I certainly would not! Continue reading Becoming Friends with God