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The Blessing of Mourning

The Beatitudes – one of the most familiar portions in the Bible, eight precious teachings of Jesus that most Bible readers or church-goer can’t miss – they are mentioned in the book of Matthew Chapter 5. I remember memorizing these verses as a child without understanding the true treasure and beauty they carried. I always found the teachings quite controversial, as I saw it from the lens of what I had learned from people and things around me. Until recently, when I got the opportunity to study the Beatitudes.

The reason why so many of us do not understand these teachings is that Jesus is talking about an ‘up-side-down’ kingdom – a place that does not work on the principles of ‘happiness’ the world around us teaches. He teaches that we can remain blessed and happy always.

I want to share what I learned from one of my favorite Beatitudes – “Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted” (Matthew 5:4). Continue reading The Blessing of Mourning

Just a Closer Walk With Thee

We all love stories! Some are true and some are fictions.We have learned or heard Bible stories…
The widow’s son who was raised from the dead
5000 men and their families were fed by 5 loaves and 2 fish
A woman was healed when she touched the hem of Jesus’s garment
The blind man whose eyes were opened, the lame who walked…. the list goes on.


We all know these facts but how many of us would love to feel what the blind man felt when his eyes were healed? How many of us wish we could have been there when the lame man started leaping and the dumb man started singing God’s praises. Continue reading Just a Closer Walk With Thee