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30 Scriptural Prayers for Your Children

Don’t we all make it a point to pray for our children? As a mother, I do! I pray for my children every day without fail. While this seems like the ‘normal’ thing to do, the quality of our prayers often surrounds our concern for our children’s safety, studies, spiritual growth, health, exams, future, etc. And sometimes very generic such as ‘Lord, bless my children’.

While all this is good, it is equally important for us to pray the Word of God over our child’s life. Because Continue reading 30 Scriptural Prayers for Your Children

The Power of Intercession

intercessionLooking back at a Saturday morning about six years ago, believers working in the corporate industry throughout the city decided to fast and pray for their companies and colleagues. To me, it was just another day of prayer. I knelt down before the Lord to pray for my colleagues. Something strange happened. A great burden filled my heart to pray for one particular senior manager working in the same building. I could feel there was some kind of urgency in the matter. It was undoubtedly a strange experience for me because I had never spoken or met this person before. I thought of talking to him once I was back in the office. This was the first thing I did on Monday morning, only to find that the manager had moved out of the project with a new assignment and to a new location. This made me quite restless as I had a message from God to convey to him and I felt a deep urge to somehow convey this. I even had thoughts of doubt wondering if I should make an effort, but I pushed myself to take the step of faith. Continue reading The Power of Intercession

Is There a Need for Disciplined Prayer Life?

My cousin’s life-long passion was to join the Indian army and he worked very hard to clear his entrance tests with good grades. The family celebrated his selection into the army. What followed was a very intense training in the Indian Military Academy as Lieutenant colonel. The stringent rules such as waking up early in the morning, being punctual to the second, physical exercise for hours was not really a bed of roses. Many quit during training. The goal of these trainings is to develop well-disciplined young men and women who are capable of serving their nation. We often face lot of struggles and battles in our spiritual life too. In fact, the word of God says in Ephesians 6:11,12,

Continue reading Is There a Need for Disciplined Prayer Life?