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Anitha is God fearing woman of God, born and brought up in Sharjah. She serves the Lord along with her husband Abby Mathews.

Spring Cleaning!

This is yet another post written by my friend Mrs. Anitha Abby. You can read her previous post here!


After moving to Saudi, I have begun to develop an obsession with cleanliness (especially of my kitchen, which probably has something to do with my fear of cockroaches) and hence I have begun to notice the speed at which dust accumulates at my home. I began to think of all the time I spend cleaning my home, taking out the trash etc. Even if I dust, vacuum and straighten up every other day, I would still find dust accumulated on nearly every surface of the house in a day or two. Dust just needs a small orifice and its back in our homes.


I started to reflect on how the state of our homes is a lot like our lives. We accumulate dust and filth through our everyday lives and sometimes we don’t even realize it. Continue reading Spring Cleaning!

Pruning Our Faith

Pleasure to introduce Mrs Anitha Abby as guest,posting this article for us!


It’s easy to soar high in faith when everything is going great but the moment adversity knocks on our door, we tend to lose faith like air out of a balloon.I recently went through an experience where my faith & patience were tested to the brim. I felt deserted and went into a ‘rebel’ mode refusing to sit in God’s presence or talk to Him. Here I was facing a BIG problem (although in reality the problem was quite miniscule compared to others), the storm of the century, and God was silent! How could He do this to me? Why me? I’m sure you must be thinking “been there, done that”! We have all been in such situations and we have asked the same questions. Continue reading Pruning Our Faith