Becoming Friends with God

Man was created to have fellowship with God and also with men

Aren’t there times when we simply miss talking to our friends? Sometimes, we hurry to call and tell them the silliest of happenings in our life. We talk, share thoughts, exchange opinions, gossip etc.
There are also other types of “friends” who approach us only when they are in need. They expect something … materialistic gifts, favors and more. Would we like to be one of them or even have such kind of friends?
I certainly would not!

If such be the friendship with fellow human beings, then how much more should it be with God – the greatest friend of all times?!
In John 15:15, Jesus calls us as His friends! We are the friends of God!!! Doesn’t that thought just excite us!
Unfortunately, we often tend to forget our friendship and approach him as our Genie, merely to fulfill our needs. Our prayers tend to be long statements of endless wants and fancies that we want Him to provide for us. More often than not, we even forget to thank Him for His providence. Quite rarely, when something really big and good happens in our lives, like a job promotion or when we buy a car etc., we sing words of praise and make lots of promises that we hope to keep. But few days later, those promises are long forgotten, until the next favor!


We take for granted the simplest for our everyday needs – food, shelter, clothing and good health.
When we prepare tasty food at home and all who dine are satisfied and praise the cook, do we give thanks to the One who gave us the ingredients, and the grace and wisdom to cook such good recipes? When we buy the latest trendy dresses and people admire and compliment us, do we thank the One who helped us to afford it? The List goes on… we miss small but important things in our life.

Apart from all this how many times do we really go to the throne of Grace and sit in His presence and commune with Him as a friend with friend? Just talking to Him about how we spent our day, what all we had to face in that day, our thoughts, dreams and desires. The Bible says in 1 John 1:3, “that truly our fellowship is with the Father and with His Son Jesus Christ.” Also in Jeremiah 33:3, we read “when we call to Him, He will answer us”. When we talk to Him, He will talk back to us. The more we talk to Him, the more He talks to us. Our friendship with Him tends to grow and soon we become more sensitive to the voice of the Holy Spirit. We will be addicted to run to His presence all the time and listen to His sweet gentle voice.
How sweet it is to be in fellowship with God and have Him as our best friend!

God is interested in making us HIS friends, but are we interested in having Him as OUR friend?

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8 thoughts on “Becoming Friends with God

  1. Wonderful 🙂 well said touched me too thinking god must be waiting for us to talk to him every day every minute as we are the precious bride of god but sometimes we do forget him and will give space for other things in life how hurt god will be…:(

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