The Power of Intercession

intercessionLooking back at a Saturday morning about six years ago, believers working in the corporate industry throughout the city decided to fast and pray for their companies and colleagues. To me, it was just another day of prayer. I knelt down before the Lord to pray for my colleagues. Something strange happened. A great burden filled my heart to pray for one particular senior manager working in the same building. I could feel there was some kind of urgency in the matter. It was undoubtedly a strange experience for me because I had never spoken or met this person before. I thought of talking to him once I was back in the office. This was the first thing I did on Monday morning, only to find that the manager had moved out of the project with a new assignment and to a new location. This made me quite restless as I had a message from God to convey to him and I felt a deep urge to somehow convey this. I even had thoughts of doubt wondering if I should make an effort, but I pushed myself to take the step of faith.

When God says do, just do it!

I feared how a senior manager would react to a ‘godly’ email from a junior employee, but I wrote it anyway. I was stunned by his response! Life had taken a toll on this person and he was waiting for a word of hope and peace desperately. This opened opportunity for me to speak words of life and favor from God. Few months later, new doors opened which calmed the raging storms in his life.

The very reason for bringing this story out is to magnify the power of intercession. God honored the decision made to intercede and I was able to see its impact in his life. There are people all around us wearing masks. On the outside, everything seems flowery and great, but inside they are struggling and crying out for help. They wait for a word of hope or a divine intervention from God. God wants to use us to intercede for those who are too weak to pray for themselves. When we are inspired to share a word of blessing or encouragement to someone, just do it without any delay. There might be someone who are desperate to hear that word and we are just vessels God wants to use to take the word to them.

Intercession is the action of intervening on behalf of another. There is so much power in intercession. Recently, we as a family faced the most unexpected in our life and it was a very painful situation. Undoubtedly, there were so many of our loved ones interceding for us to stay strong. We were able to face the storm boldly and experience the peace of God. This is the power of intercession.

Intercession makes the weakest and the faintest, to stand strong and tall to face their giants!

In the Bible, we read of prayer warriors like Nehemiah, Ezra and Daniel who interceded for the sins of their people identifying themselves as one of them. In John 17:6-26, we read that Jesus interceded for his followers. Jesus, our Savior Himself, has laid a very good example as an intercessor. There is difference between uttering a few words of prayer and interceding. Intercession takes prayer to a whole different level. It is a battle in the spiritual realm for someone. Intercession is to see God’s will and intervention into some lives. The urgency and heart we show for our own matters is felt for someone else. Our dedication and expectancy from the Lord towards the subject is the essence of intercession. If our heart is not ready to see what God wants to do then we may miss out the glory of God being revealed.

Do not miss out on divine invitations, appointments and interventions.

Take this article as a prophetic call for you to be an Intercessor. God wants us to intercede for people, families, nations etc. that the Holy Spirit urges us to pray for. Do not delay or you may miss out on that important message from God.

“Father, I pray that every person who is reading this article may be given a heart to be intercessors, to be persistent in praying till they see your glory being revealed and your Will being done in the matter they intercede for. Thank you Lord for this weapon of spiritual warfare – In Jesus name, Amen”

“Prayer does not equip us for greater works–prayer is the greater work. Wherever God has placed you and whatever your circumstances, you should pray continually. When you labor at prayer, from God’s perspective there are always results.”
–Oswald Chambers, from My Utmost for His Highest

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2 thoughts on “The Power of Intercession

  1. Encouraging and insightful article. Thank you Phebe! There can can never be too many reminders to pray. I think intercessory prayer is an important stepping stone in our journey through spiritual maturity. Too often we limit our prayers to ourselves and our immediate family and friends. We need to pray , as you said , with a burden and with urgency for our world.

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