The Path to Promise


How do we react when we receive certain prophecies from God, that would change our life positively? We often react with joy and welcome such promises with a ‘Yes and Amen’!

One would think the path to such promises would be quite short and easy. However, I’ve learned recently that God likes to test our submission to His will before He fulfills His plans for us.

Everybody knows Mary as the mother of Jesus but not many remember her as the little girl (probably in her teens), gleaming with excitement and dreaming of her life with her future husband Joseph. It was at this point, she received the promise of God regarding the birth of Jesus. Little did she know how life was going to become a roller coaster ride when she said: “Yes Lord, be it unto me according to Your Word”. She had found favor with God and  was chosen to bring the promised Messiah into the World through her.

Finding God’s favor doesn’t promise a problem-free life, but a victorious life in the midst of problems.

What followed was a list of events that Mary had never thought or planned for …

She faced a fear of rejection from Joseph and the society.

She had to make a journey that she never planned for.

She had to bear a child which she hadn’t planned for.

She had to live in places that she never dreamed of.

She had to face threats that she hadn’t prepared for.

Mary’s life took a drastic change since the moment she said her ‘Best Yes’ to God. But the good news is, she wasn’t stuck at any point. She was overshadowed by God’s favor which prepared her for the impossible. The promise she received was amazing – ‘the child will be great…His kingdom will never end’ (Luke 1:31-33), but the path to see it fulfilled was not so amazing. Her life took twists and turns. Every event that took place in the life of Mary was the fulfillment of God’s divine promises.

Yet it is interesting to note that God did not allow her to face her battles alone. She received nuggets of encouragement, confirming her promises at every step from various people. Her cousin Elizabeth’s prophetic word, the visit of magi, visit of the shepherds carrying the message from the angels, blessings, and prophecies from Simeon and Anna at the temple. All these gave her hope and courage for the journey.

God’s favor prepares us for the impossible.

God strategically places us in different locations, makes us walk through various paths for His purposes to come alive. There will be obstacles and threats and we may even have to go through hoops of unexpected circumstances. We may even reach the verge of crying out “why Lord?”. But in midst of all the chaos, if we make time to exchange whispers with God than listening to the noise of the world, God will lead us to greater truths.

When our life is committed to His call, God never lets us walk alone through the rough and broken road.

David describes it in Psalm 23:5 “Thy rod and Thy staff, they comfort me”.  There is a greater good in allowing God to fulfill His purposes in our life rather than grumbling about our circumstances asking “why me, Lord?”  Certain struggles or circumstances in our life are not just for us to experience but for a lot of unanticipated plans that God wants to accomplish through us. We are just His vessels. It is not about why we are placed in certain situations but about who has placed us there. And we know that in all things, God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to His purpose. (Romans 8:28)

The best part of Mary’s life is that she had God’s favor on her and she submitted herself to Him. Before she could say ‘yes’ to Joseph, she said, ‘yes’ to God – the Best ‘YES’ of all.
May we ask ourselves, what does God expect from me on this journey of life?  Are we willing to say ‘Yes Lord! Be it unto me according to Thy word’? The choice is ours: either to look back and dream about good old days or to look forward in hope believing ‘Greater things are yet to come’. We can choose either to fade away or to bloom where we are planted.

Prayer: Heavenly Father, I choose to thank you for placing me where I am today and for every situation that comes my way. May I be willing to say ‘yes’ to you in all things, to see the greater good you have for my life and the people around me. Be it unto me according to your word. In Jesus name. Amen

Be it unto me
According to your Word
According to your promises
I can stand secure
Carve upon my heart
The truth that sets me free
According to your Word O Lord
Be it unto me
(Don Moen: Rivers of Joy, 1995)

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7 thoughts on “The Path to Promise

  1. Thanks a lot for the wonderful and clear exposition of God’s Word. While reading biblical narratives (especially stories), we tend to rush through the drama and completely miss all the intricate emotions of the person’s involved. By providing a simple yet comprehensive glimpse at the mind and heart of Mary, you’ve been exceptional in your observation.

    Christians are quite confident about the validity of God’s promises. However, we tend to think in human ways about the practicality of the same. I could relate to the whole theme as Lord comforted me in ways that cannot be explained. So, let me quote my favorite line of yours here: “We may even reach the verge of crying out “why Lord?”. But in midst of all the chaos, if we make time to exchange whispers with God than listening to the noise of the world, God will lead us to greater truths.”

    You’ve a heart that is after God’s own heart and may Lord continue to bless you with fresh illuminations of His Word. Please keep inspiring us to know HIM and HIS ways… more and more! Thanks again.

  2. Saying ‘Yes Lord’ in the journey of our life is at times very difficult. But the moment we say it, His favor rests on us and prepares us for the impossible and brings a special joy to our life. This has also been the experience of my life.
    Beautiful thought. May God bless you Phebe

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