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Are You Dwelling on the Past Victories?

Our dear son Nathan is now two and a half years. This age is commonly known as the ‘Terrible Two’s’! Blazing with energy, he remains hyper active throughout the day and night (except when he is sleeping of course). His tantrums and fun times seem equally distributed! His actions and reactions become unpredictable as he behaves for one moment, and is exactly the opposite at the next. In my effort to ‘streamline’ his behavior, I started a reward mechanism where every time he behaved, he would be rewarded with a Star (sticker).

His face beamed with excitement as he got his initial few stars and this ‘good boy syndrome’ continued for a few days. He would proudly point out his hard earned collection to his grandparents and anyone who would give him an ear, as he explained in his 2 year old language that ‘Nathan is a good boy!’ Gradually, the excitement decreased as he earned ‘sooo many stars’ according to him and he was happy with what he had and didn’t work towards more in spite of my gentle reminders.

Many of us are like this in our walk with God. Think back Continue reading Are You Dwelling on the Past Victories?