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Mrs. Suni Roy is a wonderful woman of God married to Pastor Roy George and a mother of 3 beautiful girls. She is passionate about serving the Lord among the children. She is blessed with a beautiful voice and sings for the glory of God.

How to Receive from God in Abundance

By Mrs. Suni Roy

We are all good at asking for things we need, be it in prayer or otherwise. Recently God taught me a lesson about asking in prayer.


During our church service, my attention was shifted to a sister sitting beside me who had opened a pack of chips for her son. Soon enough another boy from across the aisle appeared, and stretched out his hand. At first, the baby would not share, but then this little one kept on asking and was finally given a little of the crumbled pieces. In no time the little one gobbled up that what was given and then unashamedly again stretched out his hand for more. He kept on asking for more and more until the whole pack was over. Though this episode made me laugh, I began to wonder Continue reading How to Receive from God in Abundance

The Last Minute Wish

“I’m fed up… Can’t take this anymore…wish there was some other way…wish all this could go away”. Any of these statements sound familiar ?Uttered at times when life takes that steep unexpected fall & you are overwhelmed by situations that you cannot control. I’m sure we have all faced such moments in our lives – when we face serious health issues, when we loose a loved one, when we suddenly lose our job or drowning in debt. These are times when we wish we could just pause life’s clock or forward to a more happy times. We even feel that God has stopped listening to our prayers and is distant from us. Although we know deep inside that God has a plan for us, Continue reading The Last Minute Wish

It is Written!!!

-By Mrs.Suni Roy

Our Church was in a week of fasting and prayer. What I had always understood is that after a few days of fasting I would be finally done with the devil. Contrary to my assumption I began to realize through the word of God, the real fact. Whether I like it or not, he is always around, trying to keep us busy and confused all the time. Well, that’s his job, isn’t it? So we need not have to worry about it.

The life of Jesus is a great example for us to learn and follow. Matthew 4:1-10 records about Jesus being tempted after fasting. Here are few points what God taught me from the scriptures.

  Continue reading It is Written!!!