The Last Minute Wish

“I’m fed up… Can’t take this anymore…wish there was some other way…wish all this could go away”. Any of these statements sound familiar ?Uttered at times when life takes that steep unexpected fall & you are overwhelmed by situations that you cannot control. I’m sure we have all faced such moments in our lives – when we face serious health issues, when we loose a loved one, when we suddenly lose our job or drowning in debt. These are times when we wish we could just pause life’s clock or forward to a more happy times. We even feel that God has stopped listening to our prayers and is distant from us. Although we know deep inside that God has a plan for us, we willfully ignore the fact that He is with us, and we try our own logic and reasoning, and when our formulas fail, our world falls apart.


We read about the widow at Zarephath in 1 Kings 17:7-12, who made her last wish out of desperation.  In a time of famine, all she had left was a handful of flour and little oil in a jug. She decided her last wish would be to make a meal for her son and herself and then die. Little did she know that God had other plans for her. God intended that the Prophet Elijah would visit her and be fed by her. In 1 Kings 17:9, God tells Elijah that He has commanded a widow to supply him with food. When Elijah asked her for food, she did not hesitate making a meal for him with the little she had left, and God blessed her obedience through Elijah, with a life time provision of food.


Be faithful in the little you have, and you will be blessed beyond measurement!


In John 6:9-13, we see a boy with five barley loaves and two fishes, who forsook his own moments of hunger and gave what he had to Jesus. Jesus performed one of His biggest miracles after blessing the food and feeding more than 5000 people.


Few hours before His crucifixion, Jesus prayed in the garden of Gethsemane, “My Father, if it be possible let this cup pass from me.” (Matthew 26:39) He could not bear the spiritual separation from the Father even for a short while during death. Separation is always painful. I faced such a time when my little daughter of 11 years was all wired to the machine in the hospital. I too prayed, “Lord let this cup of suffering pass from me.” It was the most painful experience to see her being taken away by the Lord. But the pain of death has made me closer to the Lord, and Heaven has now become a clearer reality for me than before. When my Lord will come in His glory, I am sure to see my wonderful Savior and my beautiful little daughter but before that I have a mission to complete. I have to comfort many broken hearted and bring them to the Love of Jesus. Jesus then prays, “Nevertheless not my will but yours.” If it wasn’t for Jesus’ willful surrender of His last minutes to the Father, you and I would not have received salvation and eternal life.


If you were left with nothing but a penny, would you be willing to give it to the Lord? Those who did can testify of how God multiplied it and blessed them. Give your last drop of tears to the Lord and see it turn to tears of joy. Turn your last moments, your painful & difficult times to the Lord and see beautiful and miraculous days ahead of you!! What’s your last wish?


Give them all to Jesus
Shattered dreams, wounded hearts, and broken toys
And He will turn your sorrows into joy.

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About Mrs.Suni Roy

Mrs. Suni Roy is a wonderful woman of God married to Pastor Roy George and a mother of 3 beautiful girls. She is passionate about serving the Lord among the children. She is blessed with a beautiful voice and sings for the glory of God.

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