Did I Make a Difference?

One of the first things that people suggested after I got to Dubai was that I should get my driving license, and now I know why! Although there were struggles along the way, the word of God kept me strong. I still recall the morning when I gave my final driving test. I was so nervous I could count my heartbeat. After my turn was over, the officer looked me straight in the eye, paused for a few seconds (although it felt like hours to me) and told me ‘Phebe you passed’. The emotion and joy that poured into my heart was so overwhelming that tears rolled down my cheeks. What an experience!


If such be the joyous experience for something so small and earthly, I wonder how much more our joy would be when we receive our reward in Heaven from our Father.Mathew 5:11-12, Luke 19:17– talks about a “great reward in Heaven”. In 1 Corinthians 3:14-15– Paul reminds us that the quality of our life and our faithfulness to Christ in doing good works for His glory will also determine our reward in Heaven.This brings to question, what are we doing to earn our reward? If we took a few minutes to reflect on our everyday activities, would we find the quality and faithfulness that Christ desires of us?


Many a times, we get so busy with our own life – college activities, studies, work – that we barely find time for God or others. We often find ourselves compromising on our beliefs just to “adjust” into the crowd around us and go with the flow. But since we are “Christians”, we find time for God during commercial breaks or while driving, when there is not much else to do. Is that the life God desires of us?


At the end of the day if we were to reflect back on our daily life, we would know how much difference we actually make.


“Did I talk to someone about Jesus today? Did I pray or intercede for someone today? “
“Did I show a little kindness to someone? Did I help someone in need? “
“Did my words heal some wounded hearts? Did I right some wrongs?
“Did I spend enough time with Jesus talking to Him and reading His word? “
“Did I lead a holy life today? Did I hurt my Father’s heart with my thoughts, deeds or words? “


We do not have to wait till our race on this earth is over and then wonder ‘Did I make a difference?’ Let it be today and every day.  A friend of mine put this in a very simple way –


 “If you go to bed at night and look up, and see the face of God smiling at you, you know you have done a good job. That is our sole goal in life! “


Let us strive to live our lives to please God and wait for that day to hear Him say, “My good and faithful servant”. What a joy that would be!

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