Do You See What I See?

KeyholeI was hurrying to drop Nathan to school one morning and it was already quite late. Of course, this is not the worry of a 4-year-old and he was in his own little world as usual. He stopped me at the main door and asked me to look through the key hole. I was quite hesitant but knowing the after effects just in case I don’t, I thought I will give a look just to satisfy him. My thoughts were set on leaving home as soon as possible.

As I looked through the key hole, I told him what I saw… ‘The outside gate’. Well, at the back of my head, that was my focus and getting out through the gate was my primary thought. Nathan stopped me asking, “Mummy do you also see my green ball? It is lying in the sun” and then he went on describing his ball.

The description of his vision explained with all colors is what caught my attention. He saw what I couldn’t see. I smiled as I listened to his words. As I drove to school, this message is what God put in my heart. In our busy lives, we often tend to miss out to see the beautiful things what the Lord has placed in and around us. Our minds are so focused to see only what we want to see.

Recently, we as a family, went through a very difficult times of our lives. We looked for all the possible ways we could have done something wrong and all the questions we asked ourselves were centered on our own humanly wisdom. But as we took time to sit in His presence, God spoke to us and He gave a completely different outlook to our situation and a better understanding of God’s vision and will for us.

Yet it is during these times of trials that we hear the enemy whisper his all-time favorite question “Did God really say so? Did God really promise?” He will never miss out on any opportunity to turn believers from their faith. This is where we need the grace of God to discern the source of such voices and thoughts and overcome it.

Every ‘good’ and ‘perfect’ gift comes from the Father in Heaven!(James 1:7) For those who love God and seek Him, He works all things for good(Romans 8:28). We often interpret ‘good’ as those things that are in our favor and fall into our plans, but it does not necessarily have to be so. What is good in the sight of God may not always seem good to us. But someday when we look back at the events in our life, we will see how all things worked out for good.

May God grant us the grace and open our eyes to see things as He sees. His thoughts are higher than ours and his ways are greater than ours(Isaiah 55:8). His thoughts towards us are always good! So let us continue to trust Him in all our ways.

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