The Secret to Magnetize Others


A story I grew up listening to so often and one of my favorite Bible stories is that of little David and Goliath the giant. While the entire army of Israel stood intimidated by the giant, a little boy walks up to Goliath with his unshaken and unwavering trust in God. This story taught me at a very young age that physical size does not matter as much as ‘Faith-size’ does.

Goliath had a brother just like him and together there were about 4 other giants in the land of Philistine. We read in 2 Samuel 21:15-22 that years later, all of them fell by the hands of David and his men. There were other mighty men of David who accomplished great acts.

Who are these mighty men?

Here’s the scene – Out of jealousy and to protect his throne, King Saul is chasing David to kill him. David is an outlaw and hiding in a cave. He was troubled and distressed.

In 1 Samuel 22:1,2 – we read “David left Gath and escaped to the cave of Adullam. When his brothers and his father’s household heard about it, they went down to him there. All those who were in distress or in debt or discontented gathered around him, and he became their commander. About four hundred men were with him.”

Four hundred men described to be in distress, in debt and discontented. In other words, here is an army of losers and David became their commander. Years later, these same men brought down giants! How did this happen? They chose to follow an anointed leader who influenced them with his faith in God.

Here is what I learnt:

1. Choose your leader – David was known as a man after God’s own heart. His transformation from a shepherd boy to a king is epic and showcases that our occupation, experience, size, family and resources are all subjective to obeying God and putting our faith in Him. Jesus is the ultimate role model for us to follow.

2. Have attractive Faith – Our faith can attract people to us. Every Psalm (song) that David wrote in his distress has an element of faith that God is his deliverer and refuge. This was the same faith that built an army of losers into strong and mighty warriors. Our attitude is contagious!

3. Choose your relationships – Not all relationships lead us closer to God. Anyone who leads you away from God is not worth getting close to.

4. Be a leader – We need to lead others closer to God and influence them to accomplish great things for God. Be careful not to judge others but recognize the gifts and talents in others and help them through the stumbling blocks in their life. Empower them to bring down the giants in their life and help them to walk in the victory God has planned for them.

Does your Faith in Christ attract others to you?  Is your Passion for Christ contagious? If not… lets strive to turn it up a notch and get Magnetic with Christ!

‘Find rest my Soul, in Christ alone; know His power, in quietness and TRUST’.

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