How This Popular Sunday School Song Inspired Me!

“My God is so big
So strong and so mighty
There’s nothing my God cannot do”

You all remember this song? Yeah…?

Recently at Sunday school, Children sang this over and over again… I watched them sing with actions, from the youngest to the oldest, as loud as they could, as energetic as they could. The teens, as usual, were teasing each other and having fun as probably they felt they were made to sing nursery songs.

As I stood there watching them enjoy this good ol’ song, a few thoughts crossed my mind.

This song speaks of the greatness of God.
Of how Big He is.
Of how Powerful He is.
Of how Mighty He is.

This song is categorized and taught as a Sunday School ‘Kids’ song. Sadly, we don’t hear these songs in ‘older’ congregations. Do we really outgrow such songs? I wonder.
So often, even as adults, we don’t understand or explore the true depths and meaning of some of the songs we sing. If we did, it would certainly change our perspective of every situation that we face. Such songs have the power to reframe our thoughts.

“Worship songs have the power to reframe our thoughts”.

We are quite familiar with titles such as ‘David – the Shepherd boy’, or ‘David – the King’. But irrespective of the titles or the positions he held, he was a true worshipper of the Most High. David was a man who had an unwavering faith in God. He had the revelation of who he was serving. For him, God was someone who was very present and intimately invested in his life. This revelation made David see the battlefield in God’s perspective while others couldn’t. (1 Samuel 17: 17-58). While others magnified Goliath, David magnified God. The result – God magnified David by giving him victory over the giant.

God loves to hear his children speak the right things about Him. Our thoughts and words matter to Him. If we are called as His children, then our words should speak the greatness of our Father. When things are going haywire, instead of brooding over the situation, may we have the wisdom to see His greatness and magnify His name. God is so big, so mighty, so powerful that there is nothing He can’t do.  The depth at which we understand this Truth will change us, our perspective and in turn our situation.

Two points to takeaway with this article –

  • Even as grown-ups let’s attempt once in a while to revisit these good ol’ sunday school songs. These songs meant for small children are wrapped with great powerful truths.

  • Sing it like we mean it! Let’s remember that as we sing, we are declaring these truths over our life. Truths that sink deep into our soul which in turn shifts our thoughts and feelings to align to His will. Know the Truth and live out the Truth.

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9 thoughts on “How This Popular Sunday School Song Inspired Me!

  1. Thank you for this wonderful article on a rarely discussed subject.

    Being someone who didn’t have the privilege to attend Sunday School as a child, I treasure these songs close to my heart. Grown-ups usually have an inveterate mindset and incredulous attitude towards the practicality of the themes depicted in OLD Sunday school songs. However, the truth is, these songs have greater theological authenticity as well as realistic view of human condition and our great need for God in comparison to many popular/ trend-setting/ viral christian(?) concert songs. In fact, this is what meant by Apostle Paul when he told us to ‘be filled with the Holy Spirit and constantly guided by Him. Speak to one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, [offering praise by] singing and making melody with your heart to the Lord’ (Ephesians 5:18-19). I have benefited immensely in the past and still continue to draw so much from these content-rich biblical songs.

    Again, we remain grateful to you for prompting us to ‘revisit’ these songs ‘wrapped with great powerful truths’. As a result, we are led a step closer to the Holy Scriptures based on which the songs are written anyway. I believe Charles Spurgeon would wholeheartedly agree with your point – the greatness of God in relation to how big, powerful and mighty He is. According to Spurgeon “there is no attribute more comforting to His children than that of God’s sovereignty. Under the most adverse circumstances, in the most severe trials, they believe that Sovereignty has ordained their afflictions, that Sovereignty overrules them, and that Sovereignty will sanctify them. There is nothing for which the children ought more earnestly to contend than the doctrine of their Master over all creation — the Kingship of God over all the works of His own hands — the Throne of God and His right to sit upon that throne. It is God upon the throne that we love to preach. It is God upon the throne whom we trust.”

    Guess what? without aware, you may have just provided a stupendous elucidation of one of the most beautiful verses by Kind David to your readers – Psalm 147:5!!!

    Please keep up the great spirit and let God continue to reveal His thoughts reach many through you. May the Promise-Keeper and Best-Rewarder bless your precious family with peace, joy and abundance in Him.

    And yes, let us ‘know and live out the Truth’. Yeshua -Our God, Lord and Savior – is awesome.

      1. That is so kind and sweet of you. However, Barnabas would like to remain as the encourager and let Paul do the writing. 😉

  2. Thanks Phebe for writing on the importance of reminding ourselves with the good old learning we had during our childhood days. Yes, it is very true we forget and miss to realize what we learned. Getting back to basics to reinvent ourselves will make us connect back to our life and sense the reason of our own being.

    I am reading your blog after very long time, and feel happy about it. Keep up the good work and thanks a lot again.

  3. Sadly, the fact that Sunday School songs are always under a misconception that they’re limited for just the kids is one of the things we’re least bothered about….
    Your article, chechi, made me see things in a new light♥

  4. Beautifully written chechi..all the old songs and songs which we categorise as sunday school songs are indeed so touching and has deep meanings..we can sing and hear all of them over and over again..without losing the meaning and actual feeling with which the song was written by the lyricist…

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