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Joseph – A Righteous Man

At what time of the year do we often turn our attention to the nativity story in the Bible? I’m sure everyone will say “at Christmas”. And almost every Christmas story starts with an emphasis on Mary, the mother of Jesus and how she was conceived by the Holy Spirit and so on.  But, as I read the scripture, this morning, my attention was drawn towards a ‘word’ that is used to describe Joseph. Continue reading Joseph – A Righteous Man

Are You Dwelling on the Past Victories?

Our dear son Nathan is now two and a half years. This age is commonly known as the ‘Terrible Two’s’! Blazing with energy, he remains hyper active throughout the day and night (except when he is sleeping of course). His tantrums and fun times seem equally distributed! His actions and reactions become unpredictable as he behaves for one moment, and is exactly the opposite at the next. In my effort to ‘streamline’ his behavior, I started a reward mechanism where every time he behaved, he would be rewarded with a Star (sticker).

His face beamed with excitement as he got his initial few stars and this ‘good boy syndrome’ continued for a few days. He would proudly point out his hard earned collection to his grandparents and anyone who would give him an ear, as he explained in his 2 year old language that ‘Nathan is a good boy!’ Gradually, the excitement decreased as he earned ‘sooo many stars’ according to him and he was happy with what he had and didn’t work towards more in spite of my gentle reminders.

Many of us are like this in our walk with God. Think back Continue reading Are You Dwelling on the Past Victories?

The Sound of your voice

Every morning as I leave for work, I make it a point to kiss my wife and son bye without fail. Occasionally, my 2 year old wakes up and says ‘daddy bye…love you’ and hugs me, even in sleep mode. Hearing those words always brings a smile to my face. On most days, when I return from the office, I hear his excited voice as he screams ‘daddy’ and runs to me. And then, there are days when he simply ignores my arrival because he is too busy or engrossed in something else.

This made me realize Continue reading The Sound of your voice

The Fragrance of our Life

Last week I had a sudden craving for Pani-Puri. I’m not sure why it started or from where it came from. At some point the craving got so strong that (strangely enough) I even started to smell the sweet tangy sauce. I’ve read somewhere that science explains it as an illusion that your subconscious mind creates to counter the desire of your senses. This is not just with food, infact, it works with anything that gives out a fragrance. Whatever be the cause of it, the experience taught me something spiritual too. The Bible says in Continue reading The Fragrance of our Life

Reflection of the Soul


‘Magic Mirror on the wall, who is the fairest one of all?’ And the mirror answered, ‘You are the fairest of them all’. I’m sure we have all heard these words from the well-known fairy tale ‘Snow White’. Although it is a fairy tale, it describes the vanity of mankind which seems to be getting greater with time. We all want to look our best no matter the time of the day or occasion. Continue reading Reflection of the Soul

Yeh dil maange more (This heart desires more)



Wow… It’s been some time since I lasted posted an article due to busy schedule. Many of you have enquired and encouraged us to keep writing. We are so thankful to you. May God bless each one of you. Please do keep this ministry in prayer.


Recently I came across a survival show on Discovery channel called ‘Alone in the wild’. It featured some celebrities who were left to survive in the wild for about 7 days with nothing but a knapsack of emergency equipment. Watching this got me thinking of the life of the Israelites in the wilderness. They were a huge multitude of people in the middle of nowhere, but they survived 40 years in the desert! They didn’t go through professional survival skills training or have any emergency equipment with them. Continue reading Yeh dil maange more (This heart desires more)

Is There a Need for Disciplined Prayer Life?

My cousin’s life-long passion was to join the Indian army and he worked very hard to clear his entrance tests with good grades. The family celebrated his selection into the army. What followed was a very intense training in the Indian Military Academy as Lieutenant colonel. The stringent rules such as waking up early in the morning, being punctual to the second, physical exercise for hours was not really a bed of roses. Many quit during training. The goal of these trainings is to develop well-disciplined young men and women who are capable of serving their nation. We often face lot of struggles and battles in our spiritual life too. In fact, the word of God says in Ephesians 6:11,12,

Continue reading Is There a Need for Disciplined Prayer Life?

Where is God?

The day started like any other, but took a huge dip when I watched the news about the shooting incident in Connecticut. To calm myself, I started listening to a familiar worship song “Hallelujah Hosanna”. It reminded me of the scene when Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey and how He was welcomed by the people with rejoicing and shouting ‘Hosanna to the Son of David’. For a moment, I imagined myself as one among the crowd and I was elated by the sight of Jesus, my Lord and Savior, being welcomed as a King. For a moment … I forget about myself!


Continue reading Where is God?

How to Receive from God in Abundance

By Mrs. Suni Roy

We are all good at asking for things we need, be it in prayer or otherwise. Recently God taught me a lesson about asking in prayer.


During our church service, my attention was shifted to a sister sitting beside me who had opened a pack of chips for her son. Soon enough another boy from across the aisle appeared, and stretched out his hand. At first, the baby would not share, but then this little one kept on asking and was finally given a little of the crumbled pieces. In no time the little one gobbled up that what was given and then unashamedly again stretched out his hand for more. He kept on asking for more and more until the whole pack was over. Though this episode made me laugh, I began to wonder Continue reading How to Receive from God in Abundance

The Last Minute Wish

“I’m fed up… Can’t take this anymore…wish there was some other way…wish all this could go away”. Any of these statements sound familiar ?Uttered at times when life takes that steep unexpected fall & you are overwhelmed by situations that you cannot control. I’m sure we have all faced such moments in our lives – when we face serious health issues, when we loose a loved one, when we suddenly lose our job or drowning in debt. These are times when we wish we could just pause life’s clock or forward to a more happy times. We even feel that God has stopped listening to our prayers and is distant from us. Although we know deep inside that God has a plan for us, Continue reading The Last Minute Wish