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How to Receive from God in Abundance

By Mrs. Suni Roy

We are all good at asking for things we need, be it in prayer or otherwise. Recently God taught me a lesson about asking in prayer.


During our church service, my attention was shifted to a sister sitting beside me who had opened a pack of chips for her son. Soon enough another boy from across the aisle appeared, and stretched out his hand. At first, the baby would not share, but then this little one kept on asking and was finally given a little of the crumbled pieces. In no time the little one gobbled up that what was given and then unashamedly again stretched out his hand for more. He kept on asking for more and more until the whole pack was over. Though this episode made me laugh, I began to wonder Continue reading How to Receive from God in Abundance

The Last Minute Wish

“I’m fed up… Can’t take this anymore…wish there was some other way…wish all this could go away”. Any of these statements sound familiar ?Uttered at times when life takes that steep unexpected fall & you are overwhelmed by situations that you cannot control. I’m sure we have all faced such moments in our lives – when we face serious health issues, when we loose a loved one, when we suddenly lose our job or drowning in debt. These are times when we wish we could just pause life’s clock or forward to a more happy times. We even feel that God has stopped listening to our prayers and is distant from us. Although we know deep inside that God has a plan for us, Continue reading The Last Minute Wish

What do YOU want?

As a child, one of my favorite cartoons was Aladdin and the genie lamp. I’ve often wondered – if I found the lamp and were given 3 wishes, what would I ask for? Like most kids of my age, greed would kick in and I’d have the obvious answer, “I’d ask for a zillion more wishes”.  This may bring a smile to your face, and you may have thought of the same!


Asking the right questions and giving the right answers gets you to the right places. More importantly, what I learnt recently is that asking the right thing from the right person makes a better impact and can lead to a life changing experience! Continue reading What do YOU want?

Thank You Lord!

Today’s newspaper front page read ‘UN: 100,000 Syrian refugees stranded’. The civil war in Syria has forced people to flee from the nation to neighboring countries. Thousands have been stranded at crossing points, and many innocents have been killed, orphaned, widowed and left homeless. Several humanitarian organizations are reaching out to this cry for help and working towards providing the refugees with food, medicine and shelter. Another headline read ‘42 dead as Morocco bus plunges into ravine’.


We often think we are safe and secure in our countries, homes, offices etc., but these headlines are just a reminder that Continue reading Thank You Lord!

It Wasn’t Me!!!


The title of this article is a very famous song by a reggae artist Shaggy.

Listening to this song reminded me of a time in my childhood when my little sister and my elder brother used to fight. My sister would end up crying and my parents would come running and ask her what happened. Innocently or craftily (I don’t know to this day), she would point in my direction or call out my name. The repercussion for me was quite severe. This article is not a pay back, but just a reminder of how easy it is to blame someone else for whatever happens.

Very often our life takes unexpected turns and we end up in places we shouldn’t be or in the middle Continue reading It Wasn’t Me!!!

Does Your Life Stink?


The Bible talks about offering our lives as a fragrance of worship to God(Romans 12:1). It’s recently that I understood the true meaning of that statement.

I soaked few clothes in a bucket, and played with the soap bubbles, thinking how great it smelt. Something came up and I could not wash them that day. Few days went by, and I still couldn’t wash them, mostly due Continue reading Does Your Life Stink?

Spring Cleaning!

This is yet another post written by my friend Mrs. Anitha Abby. You can read her previous post here!


After moving to Saudi, I have begun to develop an obsession with cleanliness (especially of my kitchen, which probably has something to do with my fear of cockroaches) and hence I have begun to notice the speed at which dust accumulates at my home. I began to think of all the time I spend cleaning my home, taking out the trash etc. Even if I dust, vacuum and straighten up every other day, I would still find dust accumulated on nearly every surface of the house in a day or two. Dust just needs a small orifice and its back in our homes.


I started to reflect on how the state of our homes is a lot like our lives. We accumulate dust and filth through our everyday lives and sometimes we don’t even realize it. Continue reading Spring Cleaning!

Do you KNOW HIM?

One of the most exciting days I remember from my childhood was when daddy bought our first film camera. We were so anxious to hold it and my mom was very careful NOT to give it to us as we were still quite young. We were very cautious while using the camera and made sure everyone stood properly, smiled and focused so that none of the photographic film rolls were wasted. With time and technology advancement came the digital age with the popular DSLR/HD still & 3D cameras, which offered even sharper, crisp pictures and made things simpler. We could preview our pictures instantly, delete, view, edit using photo manipulation software, upload pictures and there was no need to buy film rolls or even visit a photo lab. We prefer the latest technology cameras, because Continue reading Do you KNOW HIM?

Spiritual Heart Attack!

Recently I received an advice from a friend in regards to Nathan (my son) which taught me a great spiritual lesson. I was told not to let Nathan watch certain types of cartoons which promote violence, revenge or too much ‘dishum-dishums’. Ironically, this included one of my favorite cartoon in my childhood- Tom & Jerry. The explanation was quite simple. Kids tend to relate to the cartoon characters as real people and all the chasing, hitting, behavior etc as natural things and tend to ‘pick them up’ or copy them. Very often, it’s too late by the time parents realize the source of such violent outbursts. This is not their mistake as Continue reading Spiritual Heart Attack!

When thoughts pull you down!

Almost everyone will at some time in their life be affected by depression, including feelings of hopelessness, pessimism, worthlessness and helplessness. I too was caught in this web several times, and I felt that nothing was going the way I expected. I preferred to be left alone and far away from everyone. Fear seized my heart and I found myself in tears followed by sleepless nights & worry over how I could turn things around. Continue reading When thoughts pull you down!