Let Love Bells Ring!


In our recent visit to Europe, we discovered a world of beauty, history and fascination. On one side there were castles filled with art dating back to early centuries and showed the lavish spoiled lives of the royalty. On the other side, we saw natural sights which left us gaping for words for their sheer beauty and craftsmanship of its Creator! Every street corner had a story to tell and something to acclaim for itself. But like everything else in life, I know that, with time, all this memoirs of our journey will fade away. But there is one thing we will not forget! Continue reading Let Love Bells Ring!

What Makes a Good Mentor – Lesson from the Life of Eli

We are all familiar with little Samuel’s Bible story when he heard a voice calling his name repeatedly. Each time he ran to Eli the priest thinking he was calling him, but he kept sending him back. On the fourth call, Eli realizes it is God’s call and guides little Samuel to respond “Here I am Lord, speak to me”. God speaks to Samuel and conveys His judgment upon Eli’s household for their sins.

Eli is often remembered as a bad father and usually gets blamed for his sons doing evil but I would like to share 2 characteristics of Eli that caught my attention, in regards to changing the life of Samuel. Continue reading What Makes a Good Mentor – Lesson from the Life of Eli

How to Deal with Mental Scars?

praise you in storm

Last year we visited UK and spend a few days with my brother in London. I had looked forward to this vacation for a long time, but a few days after landing, both Nathan and I fell ill. The remaining vacation was spent in bed, recovering. All I wanted at the time was to get back home to Sharjah.

Every time I thought of London or UK, there was a mental bitterness because of my experience there. A few months later, Continue reading How to Deal with Mental Scars?

Things I Learnt From a Stained Vessel

A recent encounter in the kitchen with the Holy Spirit has taught me yet another lesson in life.
An unused vessel had been hanging near the stove for a long time and it had been exposed to a lot of oil over the past months. The result – it lost its initial shine, charm and beauty and now was slightly discolored too. Moreover, Dust and oil combined to form a thick layer over the vessel. I set out on a task to get it clean..Besides, how hard can it be?! After 2 rounds of scrubbing and washing, there was still no change to the vessels appearance. Out came my secret weapon against tough stains… my steel scrub! Part by part the layers cleared, and finally the vessel was restored to its original state.

This could be an everyday story for most women who work in the kitchen but if we pay close attention, the Holy Spirit can teach us something here.

In Paul’s letter to Timothy, he compares our lives to vessels. A vessel will only be used its owner if it is clean. There is a constant struggle trying to maintain this cleanliness in our lives as we are so vulnerable to outside influences. Past wounds, our ego and complexes and other priorities have left us stained with layers over layers. This accumulation has not only made us lose our original shine but dipping our face value (worth). One fine day, we wake up to a realization that we are no longer being used by God and all our so called ‘achievements’ have gone in vain.

I like how Ravi Zacharias quotes in his book ‘I, Isaac, take thee Rebekah’ –

“If God has reminded us that His desire is to dwell with us and to meet with us in the sanctity of the human body, the violation of that locus destroys its purpose.”

The Bible calls our bodies as the temple of God. The sanctity of this temple is our responsibility. No amount of detergent is stronger than a full surrender to the Holy Spirit for a cleansing of all that has defiled our heart and mind.

In 2 Timothy 2:20-21 , we read – “In a wealthy home some utensils are made of gold and silver, and some are made of wood and clay. The expensive utensils are used for special occasions, and the cheap ones are for everyday use. If you keep yourself pure, you will be a special utensil for honorable use. Your life will be clean, and you will be ready for the Master to use you for every good work.

The next step obviously is not just to ‘go’ through a cleansing but to ‘grow’ through it and not repeat it. Above all else, guard your heart for it is the Wellspring of Life and be a vessel of honor to be used by your master.

A Walk in the Desert

One of the most exciting and unforgettable experience I’ve had since I moved to the UAE was to see the Desert. I’m sure some of you may be thinking ‘what’s the big deal about that?’

I was born and raised in a city in India and the greens were a common sight even in empty spaces. But miles and miles of sand is something I imagined when I read about the Israelites walking through the wilderness. To experience it first-hand was an exhilarating experience! I know a lot of foreigners even spend a small fortune to come and witness this beautiful array of nothingness.

Continue reading A Walk in the Desert

HE is in Control!


Filled with anxiety and intrigued for any update, my fingers reach to refresh the news app on my phone every few minutes. This has been one of the biggest events to hit the world since the 911 attacks in the US. The shocking and mysterious disappearance of the Malaysian airline MH370 aircraft and the fate of 239 passengers and crew on board, has gripped many eyes and ears to the media over the last week. The best technology and resources are being used by several nations around the world to find the whereabouts of the aircraft and what could have caused it. Continue reading HE is in Control!

The Perfect Recipe

perfect recipeAs believers we often go through short dry spells in our Christian life, and it is at times like these that we seek to hear something specific and different from God. I too went through a similar phase recently and want to share the valuable lesson God taught me. What I am about to write may not come as a new revelation to many, but I am hoping it may be an eye-opener for some of you. Continue reading The Perfect Recipe

How to Overcome Intimidation?

rose among thorns

Think of a time when you had to fight aggressively for something you believed in, felt strongly about and how you stood your ground. Recently I read a story about an old donkey that fell into a well. The animal cried piteously for hours as the farmer tried to figure out what to do. Finally he decided the animal was old and the well needed to be covered up anyway and it wasn’t worth to retrieve the donkey. Continue reading How to Overcome Intimidation?

Are you plugged in?

Get plugged in to Jesus

Imagine yourself as an electric guitar, playing your best piece of music, but you are not plugged into an amplifier and no one is able to hear the music you produce.

I heard a preacher recently state- “Being Switched On is necessary, but being Plugged In to the right source is more important”. Wow… that’s deep! This got me thinking of all the times that I was so busy working hard, but ultimately ended up with no result or left incomplete. I’m sure we’ve all been there!

Continue reading Are you plugged in?

Unless You Become Like a Child!


If given a chance, most of us would love to go back to our childhood days.  No worries in life! We always had someone to look after every need. We could cry and get almost anything done for us. But one of the key things would be the absence of extra weight such as ‘Unforgiveness’ that we adults carry around.

On most nights, as I put my son Nathan to bed, I ask him few questions and specially the days Continue reading Unless You Become Like a Child!